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The leadership of Seneca Christian Church wants to take this opportunity to share very exciting news about SCC as well as request your participation in our ministry in a specific way.

Our first purpose in this article is to give a midterm report.  We find ourselves about halfway through the year, and we want everyone to know the health of the Church.  With that said…we are in a great position!  If we look at the numbers from January to the beginning of June we are at about 4.4% growth in attendance from the average of 2018.  At the time of calculations our weekly average attendance was 165!  From the end of 2017 to current that is over 12% growth!  We see new faces all the time and we know that is because our Church Family is responsible for inviting and bringing their friends and family. This is just a glimpse at what we know is a small part of the plan God has for this Church Family. Is it an exciting time at SCC.

Our second purpose of this letter is to share a specific way you can partner with SCC during this exciting time.  All of this good news brings us to the place we are… a place of growing pains.  We have more people involved in worship, Sunday School, Small Groups, Events, Children’s/Youth Activities, etc.  With all this additional activity we have a growing need for financial support.  The SCC leadership set a goal of having between 160-165 average attenders by the beginning of summer, and we HIT THAT!  We also set a budget goal that coincides with the growth trends at SCC.  We are unfortunately roughly $30k behind that goal on the year.  That deficit in budget goal affects SCC in these ways:  We are unable to meet some of the “unseen” ministry needs that arise during the year.  It prevents us from being able to maintain our facilities in a way we feel is worthy of the title House of God.  Finally, it prevents us from being able to save funds for vision of the future of SCC.

Here's how you can help…join the SCC Family ministry through your financial giving.  Our priority is that you seek God in how you can regularly give to SCC.  Our goal is for every family to consider how much God is calling them to give to this family.  We need every family to pray about the Scriptural model of Tithing (giving 10%), as you consider your financial ministry at SCC.  It is through this participation that SCC will be able to, again, push to the NEXT LEVEL.    What is God asking of you when it comes to your finances?  Are we showing faith in God through our money? 

The second part of your financial partnership, beyond your regular tithes, is through a special giving campaign entitled 24/7.  This campaign is asking our Church family to really show faith in God’s provision and give an additional $24k in 7 weeks on top of our regular giving.  The purpose of this 24/7 campaign money will be specifically used to help take care of some of the facility needs of this Church.  These are the things we will do with the 24/7 funds: Paint (lobby, worship center, main hallway, to start), set aside an emergency fund for the unforeseen maintenance of the building (HVAC, misc.), and begin the process of LED light transition throughout the building to increase efficiency and reduce maintenance cost.  We also hope to be able to improve the technology access of the Lobby of SCC.  We want the lobby to be a hub of information for our church family; a place to register for events, give electronically, check the calendar, and see up-to-date announcements.  We also have long term vision for the hospitality ministry of SCC in the lobby that we desire to set money aside for.  Our desire is to be in a place where we can react to unforeseen events, while planning for the next level of growth.  It is also important to know that SCC will specifically tithe off this special 24/7 campaign.  We will divide the tithe among our current missionaries to provide a special gift to them. 

Thank you so much for your support!  Please consider what God wants from your regular giving.  Please consider what God would ask of you for a special giving to our 24/7 campaign. 

Check out the video on this page to see the live update from June 30th!

ALSO check out our ability to give electronically by clicking here!  You can set up your regular giving as well as special contributions to 24/7!

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