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Lynn Ragsdale, Executive Minister

In the Summer of 2013, Lynn Ragsdale became the Executive Minister of the Seneca Christian Church following a stint as the Senior Minister. Lynn has been preaching for more than 40 years and absolutely loves seeing people come to Jesus and follow His teachings. Lynn is also the Regional Vice President and Relationship Manager for The Solomon Foundation and enjoys helping people and churches become more stable and successful financially.

Lynn and his wife of 40 years have four children and six grandchildren.  They love any activity that brings them together and a back yard camp fire is about the best!  Lynn loves sports that focus on the big three – basketball, baseball, and football.  When the Chicago Bears or the St. Louis Cardinals are involved, he is not just a fan, but a fanatic!  Lynn grew up listening to Jack Buck and Harry Carrey on his six transistor AM radio broadcasting Cardinal Baseball on KMOX. Fan for life.

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